Sunday, 29 May 2011

China develops modular long-range rocket system

The China National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CPMIEC) has begun marketing a rocket system that allows an 8x8 mobile launcher to transport and launch a pod of four SY400 400 mm guided rockets and a pod containing one BP-12A 600 mm long-range guided missile.
Standard SY400 systems have two pods each of four rockets while the standard BP-12A system has two pods each of one rocket.
The combination of two rocket systems onto a single platform provides the user with increased mission flexibility as a much wider range of targets can be engaged with precision effect.
Both systems are based on the Wanshan Special Vehicle Company (WSVC) WS 2400 8x8 cross-country chassis, which has a four-door fully enclosed cab at the front. This chassis is already used by China for a number of rocket artillery applications and has a gross vehicle weight of 41 tonnes depending on its application.
The launcher is mounted at the very rear of the chassis, horizontal for travelling and raised to the vertical position for firing.
The SY400 has an overall length of 6.5 m, a body diameter of 400 mm and an air rudder span of 696 mm. It can be fitted with four different warhead types: integral blast fragmentation; integral blast fragmentation combustion; integral fuel air explosive; and anti-armour and anti-personnel blast fragmentation cluster. Each is available in 200 kg or 300 kg versions.

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